Artist statement


Having chosen to renounce from figurative painting a few years ago, I paint medium and large format abstracts in an expressionist and gestural style. The palette I use is varied and can be either muted and monochromatic or vibrant with hits of color. I always include areas of black for its confrontational as well as paradoxical effect that is both grounding and indicative of endless depth.

My search for balance is fundamental in my work. The challenge for me is to reconcile my natural tendency towards perfectionism with my strong desire for freedom and disorder. Evidence of this can be seen in both my process and finished product. Although the initial foundation is applied rather spontaneously with limited censorship, the subsequent layers show a strong influence of my conscious mind. During this process, various marks, shapes and colors are added, manipulated and partially veiled in order to build a complex yet intuitive painting. Upon first glance, the end result often appears chaotic and almost random. As such, my work mirrors my internal struggle to find balance between the opposing aspects of my personality. My works incorporate both intense raw emotion and quiet tranquility and are a reflection of my recent experiences at any given time. My purpose is to give voice to what is felt but unseen.