Comissioned painting in Residence in Des Moines USA

I Accept Commissions

Commissioned paintings in residential home in Des Moines, Iowa USA

Would you like to have a custom painting? Follow these easy steps:

 Email the following : 

  • Specify the size your are looking for and the orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • Provide me with 2-4 colors you would like to have included in the painting and the colors that you don’t want or like.
  • Your deadline
  • Your budget
  • If you saw one of my paintings and you liked it, include an image as this will provide a jumping off or inspiration for me and give me a better idea of what you want recreated in your custom painting

Other Important Information: 

  • I need approximately 4-6 weeks to complete the painting. I will share with you updates of the process and of your final painting.
  • A deposit of 25% will be due upon agreement.
  • The final payment will be due after approval, and before the delivery of your painting.
  • Shipping to Canada and the US is Free of charge.

Email :