Contemporary Abstraction: Collaging Space and Color

May 25th – September 6th 2022
Moberg Gallery 2911 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50312 

“Johanne Brouilette’s two large-scale acrylic paintings feel like floating warriors, fluid tussling, the wrestle more elegant than violent.  “Fighting for Freedom” and “Fighting for Freedom II” use black and burnt orange, with white as a translucence, to create shimmering spider-like figures made of slow choreographies.”

Text by Michaela Mullin

Summer Group Show

August 4 – October 8, 2021
Moberg Gallery 2911 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50312 

“Two large-scale works Johanne Brouillette conjure Greek gods. “Phaunos” and “Gaia,” mixed media paintings, speak of the mother of nature and the house itself (earth) of which she is matriarch. The former is an incredible blur of paint strokes that operate almost as if one is looking down, through the clouds, to the forest; the aeriality affords us a long view, where the volume of paint makes it difficult to discern applications (trees).”

Text by Michaela Mullin

Contemporary Women Paint:  Abstract Expressions

January 29 – March 20, 2021
Moberg Gallery 2911 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50312 

“The movement in Johanne Brouillette’s four works— “Finding Courage,” “Finding Hope,” and “Finding Joy I & II”—feel like choreographed dance, slowed, so that in their movement, figuration appears. The thin striping lines like drips or strings move separately, but touch. In rhythm with itself, the main abstract interests work from a centralized (though compositionally off-center) core, where color and form meet, where the viewer’s eye is drawn to intertwining—an embrace in motion, the tightest one being that of red and black in her “Joy” paintings.”

Text by Michaela Mullin

July 2020 – Presented with the Antoinette Stevens BEST IN SHOW 1st Award of Excellence for JOIE DE VIVRE II by the Society of Canadian Artists.

December 6, – February 27, 2020   Group Winter Show   Moberg Gallery, Des Moines, IA, USA  

Curated and Published in ArtFolio 2020 as Best Emerging Contemporary Artist of 2020

September 13, 2019 – October 18,  2019 Kicking Abstract & Taking Names, curated  by Conn Ryder   Moberg Gallery, Des Moines, IA, USA

“Between Us (V)” and “Between Us (VI),” by Johanne Brouillette, are large-scale acrylic and mixed-media on canvas, on which Brouillette pares down color, darkening the canvas with browns and blacks, but then pulling out the light with her whites. This contrasting of almost fan-like strokes and pieces ends in a layering and graying that becomes victorious through pugilist-like action, which feels swift and sudden. Brouillette’s choreographed marks are finessed from a realm of sensory improvisation, manifesting what appears as an abstract x-ray, though its mystery is in the effect being rendered with paint’s opacity.

Text by Michaela Mullin

Kicking Abstracts & Taking Names, Exhibition Catalogue

Featured in the exhibition:
Johanne Brouillette, Margaret Fitzgerald, Sarah Grant, Dana James, Anita Jung, Trixie Pitts, Ellen Rolli, Conn Ryder, Karen Scharer, Julie Schumer, Daniela Schweinsberg, Alayne Spafford and Pamela Staker.Press release: Exhibition documentation

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Volume 15, Spotlight Art: Circle Arts Foundation, France, July 2019

Artsy Shark Featured Artist Johanne Brouillette, April 2020

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Parution dans le magazine REMAX Bonjour, Agence immobilière, Printemps 2019